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Yarn and Fibres

Do send me your inquiries for any kind of yarns ring spun, OE or texturized, raw-white or coloured, any count, denier/dtex and I will submit the offers from spinning mills in Asia or ex stock from my partners in Germany. The same goes for any kind of Polyester fibres.

100% Acrylic HB dyed and raw white on worsted spinning/wool system

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100% Bamboo yarns -- Count Ne 8 to Ne 30 in singles and doubles both.

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100 % Cotton Combed 'gazzed', mercirized in raw white as well as in dyed upto count Ne 100s made from GIZA cotton or SUPIMA

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Covered Spandex Yarns in Polyester Texturized in raw white as well as in dope dyed black like 75D and 40D Spandex

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Please note: The usual minimum quantity for orders are 20' fcl or lcls

My Experience and Service - Your advantage.

I specialise in providing my customers with quality products from manufacturers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, China and Europe.

Over 35 years experience in marketing and trading - 28 years I spent in Indonesia - enable me to source the right products for my customers - fast and efficiently.

Due to my close personal contacts to the manufactures many of them have appointed me as their agent or representative for various regions.

Please do let me have your inquiries and I shall provide you with detailed offers and the required specifications.